Pam:  At 5.2'' and 215 pounds, 38 year-old Pam looked and felt terrible. Forget about exercising, she barely had enough energy to get off the couch. After completing the program Pam lost 48 pounds and 11 inches off her waist and kept if off. She feels healthier and stronger every day. She prevented diabetes and got her life back. 

Janet: " This program was more that just improving my appearance and losing weight - my future health was at stake. What motivated me was the knowledge that I was in control of my health and the decisions affecting it. I lost 30 pounds in six months.

Ana: "I tried dieting and always gained the weight back. With this program, I was able to fine tune my diet and exercise program to a point that finally worked for me." 

JL:  "I tried dieting and always gained the weight back. Now I am losing seven pounds a month and weight is staying off. I came off my blood pressure medication because it is now in a normal range. I feel so much better."

JM:  " The word "diet" has been eliminated from my vocabulary. I had type 2 diabetes and took higher doses and different types of medications with marginal success. Here, I've lost 60 pounds in six months and am now free of all diabetes medications."

Patients also write about Dr. Yavari's book It Must Be My Metabolism:

JP: This book is spot-on and eye-opening. Takes a big step back from the usual approach of "diet to lose weight," instead focusing on the bigger picture of imbalanced metabolism and the necessary (and permanent) life changes that must be made to cope with it.
The material can be dense at times, but the human body is highly complex and not easily explained. Dr. Yavari does explain the relevant systems in great detail, but then boils things down into understandable summations later. For example, he doesn't shoot down the Atkins Diet outright, but does observe that a high-fat diet contributes to insulin resistance and therefore aggravates metabolic syndrome. So a high-protein diet would be ideal, so long as the patient does not have kidney disease. A smart person might come to this same conclusion based on the explanations of metabolism presented before these statements, but Dr. Yavari is good enough to take a step back and just say it in English.

This guy knows his stuff and he helped to permanently turn me around. Note that I said "he helped," because really I did it. And that's one point this book takes some time to point out. YOU have to be mindful, YOU have to take responsibility for your health, and YOU have to be making sensible choices day after day.

AS: I saw Dr. Yavari on CNN and knew right away that he could help me with my medical problems. I bought his book and discovered new information on problems I had dealt with all of my life. I made a life-changing decision to move to Connecticut from California to go to Dr. Yavari's clinic. His program as described in this book has changed the course of my life. I have lost weight and am close to being free from insulin dependence. I hope that other over-40 women and diabetics who are battling stubborn weight gain, particularly in the stomach, will take advantage of this book and finally find relief.

Current medical coverage on television and the Internet supports the newly-discovered existence of metabolic syndrome where excess body fat causes diabetes and heart disease. Cross-talk between fat cells, appetite and stress centers in the brain and metabolism are discussed in an easily comprehensible style for the lay person. Both Parts I and II of the book have plenty of material on meal planning, food choices and exercise. You will learn why stress reduction is so important, why skipping meals or crash dieting shuts down your metabolism and why abdominal fat accumulates because of changes in your hormones. Do yourself a favor and become an advocate of this system. I and other patients of Dr. Yavari are living proof that it's not "our fault" and that there really is a way out of the "repeated failure" system of dieting. Good luck!

TZ: I found this book incredibly helpful for I finally understand why the fad diets just don't work. This book is not just another diet book nor is it a weight loss book; so don't expect to find weight loss tricks here and there. I have used this book as part of the program offered at the Doctor's center in Connecticut. For the first time in my life I am losing weight while I am eating plenty of healthy foods. I feel satisfied, calm, and much happier, plus I am exercising and enjoying it too! I feel great and have more energy than ever. The best part is that my health has dramatically improved. Finally, I am learning that it is not about dieting as much as it is about my lifestyle that needs to change to maintain good health.

I personally found the discussion of how stress and fad dieting can cause weight gain very insightful. The book also has excellent and easy to read chapters on metabolic syndrome, a pre-diabetes state that causes heart disease and full blown diabetes if not reversed. The recipes, meal plan and the six-month clinical program in part II of the book are the same as the plan I have followed at Dr. Yavari's center. I recommend this great book to anyone who is tired of fad diets and is interested in living a healthy lifestyle while preventing diabetes