We at Beyond Care continue to explore our methods, analyze our data and enhance the life of our patients.

In the last 10 years - as summarized by the slides above, we have developed algorithms and apps which can:

  • Assess body composition - with just simple biometrics - as well as body DXA scan 

  • Non-invasively determine diabetes risk as well as the blood test HbA1c

  • Assign people to individualized lifestyle change programs which are clinically validated and credentialed

Our success has given us national exposure in media and has gained us recognition in the scientific community

Our efforts have resulted in the successful development of a digital therapeutic called the Metabolic Rehab App.  This new digital platform was a winner of the 2017 SOLVE-MIT International Challenge.

And there will be more to come soon!

Reza Yavari MD and Michael Brines PhD MD, are responsible for the development of the algorithms shown above and partly published in the peer-reviewed prestigious journal PLos:

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