Featured in National Press and Media

Featured in National Press and Media


Dr. Yavari offers a Weight Loss Program at the Madison Office.

The Beyond Weight Program 3 is a comprehensive three month medically supervised weight loss program. The program starts with a 60 minute appointment, followed by 5 appointments that are 20-25 minutes. The consultations will cover specific diets, meal planning, recipes, education and monitoring as well lifestyle coaching focused on behavior modification. Beyond Weight Program three-month program is not covered by medical insurance but may qualify for employee benefit plans. 

Beyond Weight Program 3 is designed to treat patients who have excess body fat due to life style, menopause, metabolic syndrome, obesity, type 2 diabetes and post gastric-bypass surgery rehabilitation and other causes including endocrine disorders. 

Restore Your Health, Prevent Or Reverse Diabetes by Undoing Metabolic Syndrome



Who Would Benefit Most From Metabolic Rehab?

Health Seekers who are at risk of complications of excess body fat such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease would benefit most from Metabolic Rehab.

The following are types of individuals for whom Metabolic Rehab is designed:

·       Obese or overweight individuals, who wish to participate in healthy lifestyle change sessions to lose body fat, learn to exercise and to reduce stress in a medically supervised and personalized setting.

·       Individuals with Metabolic Syndrome who are diagnosed with pre-diabetes or with established adult onset diabetes. Weight loss by means of healthy lifestyle change is now considered by experts to be the first line of therapy in diabetes care. In addition, healthy lifestyle change and appropriate eating habits enhance medical treatments of diabetes and its related complications.

·       Patients with recent cardiovascular events such as a heart attack or a stroke are advised to lose weight and get healthy. Most of these patients have metabolic syndrome.

·       Young women with infertility benefit from fat loss. Polycystic ovary syndrome, another common condition associated with metabolic syndrome, is the most common cause of infertility in women world-wide.

·       Menopausal women who are gaining abdominal girth and are concerned about diabetes, weight gain and heart disease.

·       Patients with obstructive sleep apnea who are advised by their sleep specialist or ENT surgeons to sign up for a medically supervised weight loss program.

·       Orthopedic surgery patients who are advised to lose weight before surgery.

·       Finally, all obese patients undergoing Bariatric surgery. Most Bariatric centers require patients to enroll in a lifestyle change program aimed at weight loss before approval of surgery.