Why should your organization be interested in what we offer?

Since 2000 Beyond Care (BC) has been a leader in the field of Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC) for diabetes prevention and management as well as weight loss. BC’s programs, which integrate nutrition, fitness and psychology have been delivered in a variety of settings such as doctors’ offices, wellness and work sites as well as online.


 By 2025, in the US over 90% of people of color and over 60% of Caucasians will be obese. By 2025, 100M Americans will be affected by diabetes, which will cost over $10T in the next few decades. With current healthcare approaches and shortage of resources, the odds of reversing the rate of obesity worldwide is 0% and 25% for diabetes. Innovative, affordable and scalable solutions are urgently needed to address the rise of these costly pandemics. 

Today, more than ever, employees, employers, and insurance companies have plenty of reason to be concerned about metabolic syndrome: the preventable cause of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and many other disease conditions associated with excess body fat.

•              20% of employee population accounts for 80% of medical costs.

•              Identification of “Near-Future Disease” employees, with incentives & intervention can reduce future disease burden costs.

Rapidly rising healthcare costs are a major concern to employers of all sizes – leading to the need to become proactive in reducing insurance costs by working to improve the health of their workforce. By offering our confidential, customized and cost-effective programs, corporations will reduce healthcare costs and absenteeism while increasing productivity and wellbeing of employees.

For many companies, a key focus is to engage employees and motivate them to play an active role in their health and wellbeing. But these efforts often lack clinically tested and yet affordable intervention programs.

One approach begins with offering clinically validated predictive tools designed to help employees understand their personal risk for diabetes, cardiovascular illness and other chronic diseases. Once motivated, “at risk” employees are enrolled in a clinically proven preventive care program aimed at metabolic syndrome, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

•              Employees benefit most from programs that are tailored and customized to the particular needs of individuals in their workforce.

•              Employers benefit most from worksite interventions, which increase utilization of wellness services and yield better outcomes for employees.

•              Online delivery of private and group sessions offer a scalable and customized range of coaching services in an affordable and efficient fashion.

Beyond Care uses a specialized battery of proprietary assessment tools, that take screening to a new level of effectiveness.  In addition, using non-invasive biometric data collected during the initial screening session employees are assigned to personalized lifestyle change programs. Proprietary algorithms are used again to assess progress and quality control.

 Beyond Care will work with your company to determine what services best meet your member employee’s health profile.  These services can be provided Beyond Care onsite at local companies or remotely using our online portal HealthFleet.com.  We are prepared to offer the following programs & services:

·               Health Education & Screening

·               Weight Loss Programs

·               Diabetes Prevention and Management Programs

·               Stress Reduction and Lifestyle Change Coaching

·               Exercise Counseling

·               Group Coaching Sessions

·               Tracking Services

·               Outcome Studies and Reporting

For more information please call Beyond Care at 203 421 6577